Akuma Motorcycle Safety helmets

Akuma is one of the entire most advance technological lid companies thanks to the company’s patented IPS Integrated Effect System. The IPS is just a system that allow the Akuma to input Pre lit trees lighting in their head protection in such a procedure used that it not best provide visibility but amplify its uniqueness, however, as well as her IPS is not found in all of their headgear line up and is ordinarily only found in very limited few. The V Ghostrider and V Stealth are usually two examples of Akuma helmets that do posses the IPS. The Insolvency practitioners allow Akuma to set up a bright LED light source at the front involved with the helmet that promotions a significant amount of all lighting which can services the rider for case read a map at the same time on the side about the road.

At the rear using the helmet located using the each exhaust air flow is two infrared Offered. nón fullface can definitely aid to if for example any other rider is following an direction of the at the outset rider. Instead of being distracted, the second riders can keep track including the infrared light for the helmet of some first rider. In adding to their IPS, Akuma also offer some pointing to the lightest fully h2o fiber helmet. The Phantom II MFR from Akuma weights only three pound, yet meets or transcend DOT and ECE secureness standard.

Some of any more expensive 100 % carbon fiber cycle helmet can weigh in mid-air to four money. One pound difference might less than seem a multitude but once those long hour with regards to riding is consideration in, one british pound can be person too many while the neck structure supporting the mask will be broken down. Akuma offer helmets usually are lightweight like most of the Phantom II MFR fully carbon consist of and technologically improve helmet like typically the V Ghostrider and thus V Stealth. However, what makes Akuma helmet truly astonishing, truly unique which enable them stand rid of the rest belonging to the group is the specific SOLFX Photochromatic face shield that they develop patented and need to offer for their unique helmets.

The SOLFX Photochromatic material used via Akuma is not new and has been really use in almost every other application most basically the transition 8oz glasses that many have observed but not honestly paid attention in order to really. The transition glasses that a wear turns african american as UV mellow hit the contact lens which not only real make the serving usefully for looking at but also conserve the eyes off harmful UV brightness. Like the transition glasses, its SOLFX Photochromatic face shield that Akuma deliver transit to sunset as UV light of day hit the face shield during a good day or when riding in unquestionably the direction of sunlight.